The cold season is here again, and parents will struggle once again with trying to keep their children warm in the winter. Now is the time to make room for warmer clothes in their closets. Keeping babies warm ensures that they do not fall sick during the cold season especially when they go out. What do you look for when shopping for baby winter clothes? Here are a few tips for dealing with kids and baby winter clothes during the cold season:


  1. Layering for the season


Ensure you have many layers to ensure excellent insulation. Layering also allows you to add or remove layers according to the comfort level. You should have a thin onesie, then some long-sleeved clothes. A sweater or sweatshirt adds to the layers and improves insulation. When outdoors, infant winter clothes help to keep babies away from frostbite. Don’t forget to get thick socks to keep their feet warm even when indoors. The last layer can be an infant winter coat especially when the kid is out of the stroller or car.


  1. Baby Boy Winter Hats


Babies and little kids lose a lot of their body heat through their head. There are many cute baby boy winter hats that you can wear for your kid so that their heads are warm enough. It could be tough to get baby winter hats to stay on so look for caps that have a Velcro fastener underneath the chin. If the Velcro straps are too small, the cap may not be comfortable. Check to make sure it fits snugly and does not fall over their face.


  1. Insulated Mittens


Mittens can be a bit tricky because will most are cute, they are entirely not useful in keeping a child warm. Find gloves that are made of good quality materials and tick them in under the child’s coat sleeves to ensure that they don’t come off. There are also infant baby suits that have hand covers at the cuffs. These stay on better and keep babies warm all winter long. Insulated mittens protect the little fingers and keep kids toast all through the winter whether indoor or outdoor.


  1. Winter Coats


There are nice two-piece winter coats that you can get for kids. Try not to wait until the winter starts before shopping for your baby girl winter clothes. A one-piece winter coat is excellent for quick wears when there are stroller walks. The best infant winter coats have hoods. However, have a hat under the coat hood. This way, when the hood of the jacket falls off, you don’t have to worry about your child’s head being exposed to the cold.

  1. Stroller buntings


A stroller bunting is cool for helping your baby stay warm when you are out, especially when using a stroller. You can use a blanket to cover the child when out, but the moment a child begins to flail or move around, it could be kicked off easily. A stroller bunting will always stay on the child. The thermal filling keeps the child warm in most temperatures and covers the entire body easily. Some stroller buntings are made with faux shearling on the interior part and thermaplush for the outer layer. The shell is also made of waterproof materials to keep the baby dry always. You can find some stroller bunting/baby car seat combos that will help the baby be cool from the car to the stroller and back. It also saves you from taking the child out of the car into a stroller and exposing him/her to the cold.


  1. Fleece pants


For cold winter temperatures, keeping young children warm especially indoors can be tricky. Fleece pants are amazing at maintaining body temperature even when the weather is below 50 degrees outside. These baby winter clothes are lined with super-soft fleece that feels so cozy, and kids love the way they fit. They are also exceptionally warm. Fleece pants are great for baby girl winter clothes since they can go nicely under gowns and other dresses and still maintain perfect insulation at all times.


  1. Stroller weather shield


Infant winter coats go a long way in keeping a baby warm, but when you have to take your children around in a stroller, the elements can be quite hard to keep away. These clear, plastic stroller covers help to cover kids from the rain, snow and the cold wind that could cause freezing in seconds. Before buying a stroller cover, check that it is compatible with the model of your baby’s stroller. As much as possible, get a stroller weather shield that is specifically made for the stroller brand that you have as this will ensure a perfect fit and make your life easy.


  1. Cute accessories


Baby girl winter clothes can be accentuated with a cool beanie or warm hat to match your child’s outfit. Where the weather is freezing, you can also use gloves to add to the insulation. Earmuffs and baby boy winter hats also help to prevent your child’s ears from freezing. Any accessory that adds to your child’s comfort is great to be added to your child’s wardrobe throughout the winter period to ensure that they are kept from frostbite when outside.



Shopping for baby winter clothes can be hectic, but your child is safer in the cold when they have dressed appropriately. Ensure that the base layers of the clothes are made of wool and polyester as these are comfortable on top of the skin. Check that shoes and jackets are not bound too tightly that they cut off circulation to your child. Check out for the ultimate collection of baby winter clothes.


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